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California Fair Plan – Worst Choice in Homeowners Insurance for Topanga Canyon Homes in 2017?

(But you’re not seriously still insured with the California Fair Plan are you?!?)

California Fair Plan - Topanga Canyon

Visit the CA Fair Plan website and here’s what you’ll find prominently displayed:

The FAIR Plan provides insurance as a last resort, and should be used only after a diligent effort to obtain coverage in the voluntary market has been made.

In addition (also on the California Fair Plan Home Page):

We recommend that all FAIR Plan policyholders shop for a different insurer at least annually in order to search for coverage that is more comprehensive than that offered by the FAIR Plan.

Do you get the impression that the California Fair Plan doesn’t want to insure you?

And, if this isn’t the first time you are looking for Homeowners insurance in Topanga Canyon, ask yourself this…

When was the last time you shopped for a new Homeowners Policy in Topanga Canyon?

Either way, without proper due diligence, you could be wasting thousands of dollars in premium on drastically inferior homeowners coverage.

Pick up the phone and call us at (310) 826-0093 today! We have solutions custom-tailored for Topanga Canyon residents.  The pricing and coverage will shock you (in a good way).


State-of-the-Art Coverage for your Topanga Canyon Home (and Family)

What does our Comprehensive Policy include (that the CA Fair Plan does not):

  • Family Liability Coverage (up to $1mil) – Covers you when somebody is injured on or off your property and you are found legally responsible for damages (legal representation also included)
  • Guest Medical Protection – If a visitor is injured on your property, this coverage can help pay their medical expenses… and they won’t have to sue you (ask us why this vital and inexpensive coverage is so important)
  • Theft of Property (on and off premises) – From electronics to jewelry to furniture… this coverage is designed to replace your belongings that are stolen or damaged due to a covered loss. You even have the flexibility to schedule your family heirlooms and fine art on our policy. No separate policy needed.
  • Water Damage – If a pipe bursts, your home and/or your personal property (contents) will likely need to be fixed or replaced.
  • Loss of Use – During a covered loss, you might need this coverage to rent a hotel room or another house, comparable to yours, while your home is being repaired.
  • CA$H OUT Option (From total loss to Total Control) – This coverage is so special, and so unique, that you probably didn’t even know it existed. And on most traditional homeowners policies, it doesn’t. Call us today so we can explain how it works and why it is crucial for you as a Topanga Canyon Home Owner.


Brush Exposure is NOT an issue for us in Topanga Canyon

While most Topanga Insurance Agents have their hands tied… no California Fair Plan alternatives to offer you… we’ve got the real deal… and your home won’t be disqualified for brush exposure.

But don’t be mad at your existing agent…

This is an exclusive homeowners policy and not just any Topanga Insurance Agent can write it.   And before you ask, it’s not another expensive and watered-down Difference in Condition (DIC) policy or a “Wraparound” to “fill in the gaps” where the Fair Plan falls short.

We are offering the Topanga Community a full-blown homeowners package policy, which eliminates the need for ANY supplemental insurance policies (and the pain-in-the-neck that comes along with keeping track of them). And here’s the kicker…

In many instances, you’ll actually pay less for this all-inclusive coverage than you’re currently paying for drastically inferior coverage provided by your CFP + DIC.

So, who backs this Peace-of-Mind Homeowners Policy now being offered in Topanga Canyon?

By far, the most important question of all. Though, as consumers we tend to focus on price initially, but that number (within reason of course) at the bottom of your insurance bill should be secondary only to who is actually providing you with the insurance coverage to begin with. Is it a company you are familiar with?  What kind of reputation do they have?  Does their word mean anything… or are they happy to fight you in court to try and avoid paying a big claim?

When you buy insurance (any insurance, not just homeowners insurance), you’re essentially buying a promise from that insurance company. A promise that they’ll be there for you when you find yourself in a time of need (claim time).  At our insurance agency, we call this the “moment of truth.”  When a claims department can either make your life easy and hassle free… or a living nightmare.

Sleep better at night knowing that you are protecting your family with a robust policy backed by the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States. A household name, with integrity, that you already know and trust.  One who has been recognized, time and again, for their exceptional claims department –  and who won’t add additional stress to an already stressful situation.

Who are we and why should you put your trust in our Insurance Agency?

We are Bromberg Insurance Services, Inc. Family-owned and operated since 1965. We’re experts in personal lines of insurance and we’ve been serving the Topanga Community for decades. We’ve certainly sold our share of the California Fair Plan to Topanga residents in the past… but options for Topangans have evolved and we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us today. Ask us about your existing Fair Plan (or other Property Policy) and we’ll compare and contrast to our cutting-edge offering.

Talk to a real insurance expert… not a machine, and not an unlicensed rep reading a script…

We have a small, highly-skilled and knowledgeable staff. We don’t pass the buck here. If you have a question, we won’t transfer you to an 800# or a machine. You’ll get one of us on the phone, every time, and we’ll make sure you get the personal attention you deserve. Period.

Work with our award winning agency and you’ll see why we have one of the highest retention rates in the insurance industry and why most of our customers stay with us for life.

We are experts at managing risk… it’s what we do for all of our clients… and we’re not just looking to sell you one policy today…

Call (310) 826-0093 and allow us the opportunity to earn your respect, your trust, and eventually your business as one of our valued customers – for life… and generations to come.




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