Malibu Motorcycle Insurance

The last thing anyone chooses to think about when operating their bike is Malibu motorcycle insurance. This is exactly why Bromberg Insurance Services, Inc. should be your go to shop for obtaining motorcycle insurance in Malibu. Southern California is a great place to own a motorcycle since motorcycle riding is centered on experiencing the rumble under your seat, the sun rays glistening from the chrome and feeling the wind in your face. We provide you with a made to order insurance policy created for you and your motorcycle.

We offer coverage for your cruiser, custom-built roadster, trike conversions and everything in between. We provide you with options to cover most of the exclusive safety equipment, customized paint and aftermarket add-ons as well as towing and road side assistance coverage.

Malibu Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Because there are a wide variety of motorcycle and insurance policies on the market, it is extremely hard to provide a single policy that will cover everyone and everything. Complete the “Instant Call-Back” form on this page and we will provide you with a custom quote that fits you, your bike and the way that you ride.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage from the Bromberg Agency

A Malibu motorcycle insurance policy needs to be tailored to match the user and their machine. With our long experience working in Malibu, we recognize how to give you the protection and insurance coverage you need while still rendering a great value. With all the options available these days, there are certain types of protection all motorcycle owners should consider.

• State required liability coverage and additional umbrella liability policies
• Collision damage protection
• Other than collision coverage (also known as comprehensive coverage)
• Medical payment coverage (including lost work when available)
• Optional/Custom equipment coverage
• Helmet/Safety apparel and equipment coverage

Bromberg Insurance understands that every motorcycle rider is different, and offers additional optional protection:

• Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection
• Total loss and replacement cost protection
• Custom higher limits based on optional equipment and custom designs
• Roadside assistance and towing
• Towing equipment and trailer coverage

To understand the different types of protection available, fill out the “Instant Call-Back” box and have an experienced, licensed agent provide you a custom quote in just moments.

Malibu Motorcycle Insurance that Covers the Bike and the Ride

There are so many unique styles of motorcycles on the street today that a single policy cannot cover them all. At the Bromberg Insurance Agency we fully understand and recognize that a custom bike will probably be worth a lot more than a weekend, fun dirt bike. We also know your personalized and extreme designs need special attention to provide proper insurance coverage for your unique ride. We provide everything you need to protect your investment and ensure you are able to ride every single day.

Annual coverage means that you can ride when you want, without having to put your bike away during certain times of year. Because of the good weather we have in Southern California, you can enjoy your bike year-round and a Malibu motorcycle insurance program should mirror your need and desire to hit the open road whenever you want.

The Malibu Motorcycle Insurance Agency You Choose Makes a Difference

The Bromberg Insurance Agency has been serving the residents and business owners of Malibu for more than 47 years. Because of our long history in this area, we understand motorcycle owners and their needs. We can offer options on your policy that will significantly reduce your premiums because of our experience. Along with fantastic coverage for your Automobile Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Townhome / Condominium Insurance, Renters Insurance, Life/Health/Disability Insurance along with all types of business and commercial protection.

Call today and speak with a licensed professional agent about your Malibu motorcycle insurance coverage and feel the difference of working with a trusted friend from Bromberg Insurance Services.