Malibu Long Term Care Insurance

When it comes to making financial and insurance decisions it is important to use an expert, yet it is never more important than when looking for a Malibu long-term care insurance plan. Over 70% of individuals over the age of 65 will require some type of long-term care assistance during their lives, and of all of the folks that must have long term care assistance 41% of them will probably be younger than 65.

At least 24 states have already reduced Medicare funding meant for home care and nursing home care and that number will increase very soon. The cost of long-term custodial care and attention can devastate even the best laid retirement packages. The price for full-time custodial care, for example feeding, bathing, dressing and doing only the standard activities of daily living, is more than $80,000 each year, no matter whether it happens at home or in a nursing home.

Bromberg Insurance Services Provides Strength and Peace of Mind

We have been providing the people of Malibu with stable insurance and financial planning since 1965 and we continue to be a dependable source of information when it comes to protecting those plans. Malibu long term care insurance is constantly becoming more difficult to plan for as all of us continue to live longer with more active lifestyles. Most people imagine that at some time the government will kick in and handle our needs, but that is occurring with less frequency than ever before. Delivering a strategy to deal with this issue that is reasonably priced today and beneficial down the road is the mission of LTC planning utilizing the top-rated insurance carriers we represent.

Malibu Long-Term Care Insurance: What is the Risk?

Most people find it hard to visualize what it would be like to have someone help them with the fundamental activities of daily life including bathing, dressing and eating. However, the truth is 70% of people will require some type of assistance once they get to age 65. But the biggest danger deals with how long that this sort of care will be needed.

It is impossible to predict as many people will only need few months of care, while some may need full-time, twenty-four hour care for many years in the event of Alzheimer’s disease and/or senile dementia. Present and projected expenses for long-term care assistance may be financially devastating to families. A Malibu Long Term Care Insurance program can aid in reducing the danger to your future.

A long term care insurance plan is founded on two crucial items, your existing age and your present health. Discovering the right plan as long as you’re still in a position to qualify for ideal rates makes a significant difference simply because everyone’s health will change. Bromberg Insurance Services recognizes this fact, and can include LTC planning at a time that is most appropriate for your individual scenario.

Because of the numerous variables associated with any Malibu long term care insurance policy, it is sensible to secure lower rates when you are able, and we are here to help you to obtain the most extensive and reasonably priced solution for your long term care needs.

Working together with the experts at the Bromberg Agency offers you the security of knowing that you have someone looking out for your financial and insurance needs. We work hard to help you set goals in order to maximize your investments and minimize your exposure to risk.

A Malibu Long Term Care Insurance policy is an important part of your total insurance planning. It is designed to protect your assets and provide you with control over your life and care at a time when it is most important. We look forward to helping you face the future with the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing you are protected.

Call today and have a professional Malibu Long Term Care Insurance advisor from Bromberg Insurance Services speak with you about the many options you have concerning long term care and if you would like we can provide a Free Comprehensive Insurance Review for all of your financial and insurance needs.