Los Angeles Renters Insurance

One of the most cost-effective means of protecting your property, when renting a home or apartment, is by purchasing a specialized Los Angeles renters insurance policy. According to the 2010 census, there are more rental units available in the city of Los Angeles than there are homes available for purchase, and that means there is a tremendous need for those who rent homes and apartments to be adequately protected.

Bromberg Insurance Services takes the headache out of protecting your rental unit. With more than 47 years of experience, we understand the needs of renters, regardless of whether you are renting a downtown loft, a 2-bedroom apartment or a million dollar mansion. Call us today and find out just how affordable it is to protect your rental property.

Renters Insurance: A Special Situation

In Los Angeles, it is a fact that pipes burst, fires start and thieves find a way inside. What do you do when things like this occur? This is the reason that people who rent apartments and homes in Los Angeles need to take a hard look at the what-ifs. Bromberg Insurance Services has developed a renter’s insurance program to give you peace of mind when you rent property in which to live.

Replacing laptops, jewelry and electronics can become very expensive, very fast, while the cost for Los Angeles renters insurance remains very affordable. Determining just what it takes to protect your jewelry, electronics and furniture is where our professionals shine.

A renter’s insurance policy makes sense when you realize that relocation and replacement protection starts at under $20 a month. Since 1965, Bromberg Insurance Services has become a trusted friend and advisor to thousands of people in the Los Angeles area, call us today and add some smart protection for your residence.

Los Angeles Renters Insurance at an Affordable Rate

Los Angeles renters insurance policies can be used to cover the contents of the interior of a unit, as well as personal property that is stored in a properly designated storage area within the building. The cost of an insurance policy of this type is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of furniture and electronics.

The Bromberg Agency makes it very easy to find the best policy for your situation. Regardless of whether you intend to rent for a long time or just a short stay, we offer a comprehensive, yet value packed insurance plan to fit your particular situation. Call us right now, and you could be fully protected with Los Angeles renters insurance in a matter of minutes. Or feel free to utilize our “Instant Call-Back” feature, and one of our licensed professional agents will call you to discuss your individual needs.

Bromberg Insurance Services, Inc. has been serving residents and business owners in the Los Angeles area since 1965. We are a full-service agency dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction, as well as providing a comprehensive Los Angeles renters insurance policy we offer top-rated insurance programs to cover your automobile, your home, your life and any other particular insurance or financial need you may have.

Regardless of whether you ever have to file a claim or not, by working with the Bromberg Agency you will know that you are protected in the event a disaster strikes.

Call today and let us help you find the best Los Angeles renters insurance policy for your needs.