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Finding the Best in the Los Angeles Insurance Market

Los Angeles is a city of great cultural, ethnic, religious, political and economic diversity. It is perhaps the most diverse city in the world. With nearly 14 million people in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, a certain knowledge and experience is required to prosper and grow. Bromberg Insurance Services continues a long history of growth and success in the Los Angeles Insurance Industry.

There is a definite difference in this city, a difference that sets us apart from every other city in the world. We recognized this difference over 45 years ago, and have been developing insurance and financial plans for the residents and businesses in this area with those differences in mind. We go surfing in the morning, rock climbing at lunch, skiing in the afternoon and still have time to close a business deal over dinner. We, at Bromberg Insurance, understand this and custom design insurance and financial plans with your life in mind.

We work with you to determine your insurance needs, continually searching to find and maintain the perfect balance of protection and flexibility that allows you to live the life you want without fear of catastrophic loss. Bromberg Insurance Services will never treat you like a number, we custom tailor each and every policy based on your needs and our experience. Working with us means complete peace of mind for your family, home and business.

Top-Rated Insurance Products

Buying insurance in Los Angeles is a personal choice. We know this and that is why we choose top-rated insurance companies for our clients. Allstate, Chubb and Fireman’s Fund are just a few of the carriers we choose for our clients. Bromberg Insurance Services is a full service agency and can provide you with any type of coverage your needs may dictate. We offer Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Condo/Townhouse Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Renters Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Individual and Group Health Insurance and other Commercial Insurance products to meet your insurance and financial needs.

While price is always a concern, the most important aspects of buying insurance have to do with how well you are protected when something happens and how quickly and efficiently your claim is handled. Everyone thinks about auto insurance because the state requires it. Our mortgage company requires us to have insurance for our home. However, neither the state nor your mortgage company is looking out for you.

The Bromberg Agency works for you and is here to take care of all your insurance and financial planning needs. Take a moment now, and ask for a “Free Comprehensive Insurance Review” with the form on this page and make sure your insurance is designed to protect you and your family and not the bank.

A Los Angeles Insurance Institution: Bromberg Insurance Services

For over 45 years Bromberg Insurance Serves, Inc. has been helping our friends and neighbors with their insurance needs. We are a family owned business and we treat each of our clients like a part of the family, making sure that our recommendations meet the needs of your life and the lives of your family members.

Year after year, Allstate continues to recognize us for how well we take care of our clients.
We have been honored for having “Superior Customer Service and Support,” as well as the “Highest Customer Retention in the Industry.” Family counts and we want you to be a part of our family. Call us today or enter your phone number into our exclusive, “Instant Call-Back” box and one of our licensed, professional agents will call you almost immediately to answer any questions you may have.

When It Really Counts, Only a Los Angeles Insurance Agent Knows What You Need

Insurance in the City of Angels must reflect the diversity of our lives, our business and the culture the world has come to love. Insurance is a tough subject in the best of economic times. Sometimes insurance premiums seem like a waste of money. That is until we need it. It is at this point, where a truly professional and unique Los Angeles insurance professional, like Bromberg Insurance Services, comes into play.

Anybody, sitting anywhere in the world can read a quote and make sure that it is the lowest price available. However, only an agent that is familiar with the Los Angeles Insurance market, and all the variables that go with life in this city, can truly tailor a program that fits your lifestyle. Do not take a chance on a low-ball quote when you can get exactly what you need from the professionals at Bromberg Insurance Services. We know Los Angeles Insurance and we want to know you. Contact us today for all your insurance needs.

Auto Insurance

Because of our experience in the Los Angeles auto insurance market, our clients often pay hundreds of dollars less per year by taking advantage of our ability to meet your needs. Read More >

Homeowners Insurance

Bromberg Insurance Services has been providing Los Angeles homeowners insurance for more than 47 years, with quality protection underwritten by top-rated insurance companies. Read More >

Life Insurance

It has never been harder to buy the RIGHT Los Angeles life insurance policy than it is today. The Internet makes it a simple process to instantly get insurance quotes from hundreds of companies. Read More >

Health Insurance

An expert Los Angeles health insurance agent from the Bromberg Agency can help you to find options to protect yourself from the major expenses. Read More >

Commercial Insurance

We understand that your Los Angeles commercial insurance needs may include types of insurance such as liability, property, worker’s compensation, vehicle coverage and more. Read More >

Disability Insurance

There is no substitute for sound advice concerning Los Angeles disability insurance coverage, and Bromberg Insurance Services should be your expert source. Read More >

Long Term Care

A Los Angeles Long Term Care Insurance policy is an important part of your total insurance planning. It is designed to protect your assets and provide you with control over your life and care at a time when it is most important. Read More >

Renters Insurance

Los Angeles renters insurance policies can be used to cover the contents of the interior of a unit, plus personal property that is stored in a properly designated storage area within the building. Read More >

Condominium Insurance

Get a detailed Los Angeles condominium insurance policy from a full-service agency dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction. Read More >

Motorcycle Insurance

The last thing you want to think about when riding your bike is Los Angeles motorcycle insurance. That is why Bromberg Insurance Services, Inc. is your go to shop for buying motorcycle insurance in L.A. Read More >