Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance

Bromberg Insurance Services has been providing Los Angeles homeowners insurance for more than 47 years. We have committed ourselves to providing LA residents with quality protection underwritten by top-rated insurance companies such as Allstate, Fireman’s Fund and Chubb, just to name a few. As home and business owners ourselves, we understand the unique needs of homeowners in Southern California and strive to understand the individual needs of each of our clients.

Fast, Free and Easy: Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Quotes Done Right

We offer several different ways for you to receive a quote on homeowners insurance. The easiest way is to call and speak with a licensed professional agent, or for a more extensive quote please complete the quote form and an agent will prepare a detailed analysis of your current policy and can make recommendations that can increase your coverage and quite possibly save you some money.

Being Aware: Homeowners Insurance at a Glance

There are two main concerns when purchasing homeowners insurance in Los Angeles. The first concerns the actual value of your home and its contents. The second concern lies with where your home is located. Bromberg Insurance Services realizes that the single largest asset of most people is their home, and protecting that asset is a priority. However, it is important to understand the various options available in order to provide adequate coverage for your home from a catastrophic loss.

There are four major categories that must be addressed in order to protect your home and these include:

1) Property and Possessions Coverage which provides coverage for the dwelling and any personal property/contents that you want covered. The value of the property is determined by market value, while coverage is based on the actual cost to replace the structure. Because of fluctuating home values and variable construction costs, it is important to have an agent, like the Bromberg Agency, review your Los Angeles homeowner’s insurance policy on an annual basis.

Personal property can be covered based on estimates of its current value and your policy should provide for replacement value of your possessions and not just actual cash value. While replacement value coverage is slightly more expensive, it gives you the ability to replace possessions instead of discounting their value, and leaving you with a rebuilt home and no furnishings.

High-value items such as jewelry, furs, fine art, collectibles, and antiques should be covered under separate riders to protect your investment. All homeowners should take the time to document their high-value items and maintain up-to-date appraisals on these items. Photographs and video tapes provide an excellent way to document the items in your home.

Important tip: Bromberg Insurance Services Inc. strongly suggests that any appraisals, photographs, videotapes, and copies of your insurance policies be maintained in a secure place away from your personal residence in case of disaster. A safe deposit box, fireproof safe/vault or in the safekeeping of an attorney are excellent options for protecting these items.

2) Liability Coverage provides homeowners with peace of mind from possible financial losses that may occur if someone is injured on your property. Most policies include a minimum of $100,000 of liability protection, which in many cases is inadequate.

Depending upon your financial net worth, it may be prudent to consider an umbrella liability policy, which can provide $1 million or more of protection for your home and automobile. This type of umbrella policy can cover additional forms of liability that are often excluded from traditional liability policies.

3) Theft of Property not on the premises often occurs when we are traveling and we carry valuable possessions with us. An off premises option in your homeowners insurance policy will protect items that may be lost, stolen or destroyed while traveling.

4) Additional Living Expenses are normally covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy in the event that your home is uninhabitable due to a covered event. However, it is important to make sure any additional living expenses provided under your policy allows you to maintain a suitable residence while your home is being repaired.

Los Angeles homeowners insurance can become very complicated because of specific dangers that are unique to this area. The Bromberg agency understands these risks and stands ready to advise you on how to best deal with them while protecting your home, your family and your financial future. We not only offer custom homeowners insurance but can also meet your automobile insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, health insurance, long-term care and commercial insurance needs.

For Los Angeles homeowners insurance, call today to speak with a trusted advisor from the Bromberg Insurance Agency if you have immediate questions, or feel free to put your name and number in the “Instant Call-Back” box and a licensed professional advisor will contact you as soon as possible.