Los Angeles Health Insurance

One of the most devastating things that can occur to an individual or a family is an unplanned illness or injury and not be covered by a Los Angeles Health Insurance Policy. Unplanned illnesses cause more financial problems for California residents than any other type of issue and unpaid medical bills remain the number-one reason for personal bankruptcies. As Healthcare in America continues to change and the final direction is still unknown, it is up to each family to protect themselves from illness and injury.

Bromberg Insurance Services – There When You’re in Need

Since 1965, Bromberg Insurance Services has been helping to protect the physical and financial health of the citizens of Los Angeles. We are there when things go wrong to help protect you from the dangers of illness and to help guide you through the steps to keep medical expenses from becoming financial issues. Physical and Mental stress cause more illness and extend the recovery period of injuries and our team is dedicated to removing at least a portion of the stress in your life.

Hundreds of Choices Make Healthcare Choices in Los Angeles a Headache

80/20, co-pay, inpatient, outpatient, pre-existing, 10 visits, in network, PPO, out of network, generic, dental, vision, emergency, accidental, ambulance, air ambulance deductible and hundreds more very confusing and extremely difficult choices all made easier by one simple phone call.

Bromberg Insurance Agency understands what all these mean to you and how to make them work for you. You can get your insurance with just a few keystrokes on the computer and hope that you are covered or you can speak with a professional agent from the Bromberg Agency now and know that whatever comes your way you have the best protection possible.

Many families today are struggling to find the balance between affordable health coverage and no coverage at all. In the greatest country in the world, this should not be a choice a family is forced to make, and a professional agency can help you to find the right protection, at the right price that fits your budget.

In this fast-paced world seldom will you ever have the chance to optimize your health insurance choices. That is until now; use the instant call back box or the quote form on this page to remove the headaches from your Los Angeles health insurance choices.

Personal Health Insurance: Versatile and Affordable

Searching for personal health insurance can be daunting when you begin to look at the cost of premiums. In fact, many young healthy individuals forego the purchase of health insurance and instead opt to self-insure by saving or investing the money they would have spent for health insurance.

For someone who has never had to deal with a serious illness this sounds like a wise choice when looking at premiums in excess of $200 to $500 per month. If all you do is search on the Internet then this high price is all you will see and you could be left in a serious financial hurt if an illness occurs.

A professional agent from the Bromberg Agency can help you to find options that allow you to protect yourself from the major expenses but allow you to cover the smaller expenses and in this manner save you a lot of monthly premium every month and still protect you in the event of a major expense. It is not complicated but it does require someone who cares about what they do and the people they protect and that is what we do.

Fill out the quote form today and we will contact you today concerning the best way to save money and still be protected.

Los Angeles Health Insurance for Your Company

Group health care has come under fire lately and it takes a real expert to navigate the murky waters of regulation, deregulation and required provisions. When your company needs to protect its employees, you need to turn to an agent that is experienced in this area. Los Angeles and California are different from any other state in the union and it takes someone familiar with the region to help you make the right decisions.

Affordability, Assistance and A Friend to help you get through the many choices you have concerning health care today. Bromberg Insurances Services is here to help you today just like we have been for the last 47 years and counting.

For additional information on how to make Los Angeles Health Insurance work for you and your family please call us today or enter your phone number into the “Instant Call Back” form and one of our licensed agents will contact you shortly.