Los Angeles Disability Insurance

Being unable to work due to sickness or injury can significantly impact your ability to maintain the current standard of living that your family now enjoys, however, protecting your earning power with a Los Angeles Disability Insurance policy can help you to meet everyday expenses when you are out of work.

Income from this type of protection can be used to cover your household expenses like your mortgage, food, utilities, clothing and car payments. Disability insurance provides your family with financial security allowing you time to get back on your feet and back to work, without worrying about when the next check will arrive.

Bromberg Insurance Services has been providing Los Angeles disability insurance to individuals and business owners for more than 47 years. We understand the concerns you may have, and can offer valued advice to improve your understanding of disability insurance, and how it can protect your income.

We offer protection from top-rated insurance carriers, like MetLife, to ensure that protection is available if and when you ever need it. Find out more about how to protect your income and your family in the event of a prolonged injury or illness by completing the quote form on this page.

Types of Los Angeles Disability Insurance

There are two types of disability insurance and they are placed in two different categories. The first type of insurance is short term disability and replaces a portion of your income during the days and weeks immediately following the beginning of an accident or illness.

Short term disability payments begin and end at different times depending on the type of coverage that you have in place. Most often, they will begin paying at the end of a predetermined waiting period of between 1 and 4 weeks and will continue, in most cases for a term of 6 months.

When short term benefits expire, long term disability insurance begins to pay out. Most often long term benefits are designed to pay for a period of up to two years (payment lengths are determined by your policy and current law) or until you go back to work or become permanently disabled.

Both short term and long term disability insurance can be found in the two categories of policies. These two policies are called Group and Individual. Group disability is usually purchased or provided as a benefit from your employer, while an Individual policy is purchased on the open market.

Essential Reasons for Having Disability Insurance

No one owns a crystal ball and can see what will happen next week, next year or 20 years into the future. We can only prepare ourselves and our finances for what may happen. The Bromberg agency has helped families through these emotional and financially difficult times due to protracted illnesses and injuries. Every personal situation is different, but these thought provoking tips can help you to make a decision based on your individual needs.

  1. If you depend on your income to meet your current living expenses, you need a Los Angeles disability insurance policy. Most people do not qualify for social security benefits immediately, if ever, and being out of work for an extended period of time could seriously impact your savings and retirement funds.
  2. The majority of long-term absences from work are due to illnesses instead of accidents. Cancer, heart disease and like illnesses account for more than 90% of all long-term disability claims.
  3. Acquiring a disability policy when you are young and healthy is much easier and cheaper than waiting until you are older and harder to insure.
  4. Disabling injuries and illness are more than twice as likely to afflict a 20 year old, than their death before age 67.
  5. Disability insurance does not cover your entire income, but can protect up to 80% of your after tax pay. In many cases, disability income payments are not taxable, but that is a matter for your tax advisor.
  6. Often times it is important to cover at least a portion of your income even if you cannot afford to completely cover it all. Disability insurance is surprisingly affordable and can be increased as time goes by and money becomes available.
  7. Understanding your current benefits is an important part of your overall plan. Many employers offer some form of disability insurance, and a large part of planning requires being aware of any coverage you may already have.

Los Angeles Disability Insurance: The Company You Keep Makes a Difference

There is no substitute for sound advice and Bromberg Insurance Services should be your source for valuable information concerning Los Angeles disability insurance coverage. We make a long-term commitment to our clients to ensure they receive all the benefits they are due when the time comes. Talking to a professional will help you take action to protect your income from a devastating disability. Take the first steps today and call the professionals at Bromberg Insurance Services now.