Los Angeles Condominium Insurance

Los Angeles County Housing Authority, in their annual report, notes more than 500,000 homes were designated as either a townhome or condominium. These types of homes, whether used as a personal residence, rental unit, vacation/second home or as a commercial unit, have special needs that must be addressed when considering insurance protection.

Los Angeles Condominium Insurance differs from your typical homeowner policy, or rental policy, in a number of different ways. Bromberg Insurance Services, Inc. can provide you with the customized protection your situation calls for as our professionals understand what the residents and business owners of LA need.

With more than 47 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, the Bromberg Agency understands and can provide the protection your condominium or townhome requires. When protecting property with shared permanent structures and shared liability, it is important to know what is protected by the master insurance policy owned by the Homeowner’s Association and for what you, the individual homeowner is responsible for in the event of a disaster.

Bromberg Insurance can guide you to make the correct decisions before something happens. Complete the form on this page and one of our agents will contact you quickly to discuss your particular needs, or for more immediate help, give us a call and talk to a licensed professional today.

Townhome and Condominium Insurance: Different Property–Different Needs

Los Angeles Condominium Insurance falls under the same category as homeowners insurance, but that is where the similarity ends. When you buy a condominium you automatically become a member of the Homeowner Association (HOA) and are responsible for the shared maintenance and liabilities for the entire property.

At the same time, a portion of your property is covered by the HOA’s master insurance policy, and often it requires a professional to help you understand the type of coverage you need to protect your individual unit and financial responsibilities.

The Bromberg Agency can help you determine the type of master insurance policy owned by the homeowners/condo association and can recommend the appropriate type of insurance for your situation. There are two types of master policies that a HOA can own and these are:

  • A Walls-In (also known as an All-In policy) policy covers everything within the interior of the unit, including the interior surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings of each individual unit.
  • A Bare Walls-In policy covers real property, from the exterior framing inward, but does not cover any fixtures or installations within an individual unit such as cabinets, flooring, kitchen fixtures and bathroom countertops.

The Los Angeles Condominium owner who’s HOA owns a Bare Walls-In policy will require the greatest amount of coverage to protect the interior walls, flooring, cabinetry and possessions. Condo owners who live in a complex covered by a Walls-In policy will require less protection, but determining how much less is best left to the professionals at Bromberg Insurance, as we have been working with Los Angeles Condominium Insurance since 1965 and understand the particular needs of condo and townhome owners.

Los Angeles Condominium Insurance – An Affordable Option

Condominium insurance to protect the contents of your unit remains affordable enough, however, the real question that remains, “Is what do you actually need to cover?” A small kitchen fire can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the interior walls, appliances, cabinets, while smoke damage can ruin electronics, clothes, furniture and carpeting. Not to mention any damage that may be caused by firefighters in their attempt to ensure that the fire is completely out. The time to contact a professional is before the need arises.

Insurance Services, Inc. has been serving residents and business owners in the Los Angeles area since 1965. We are a full-service agency dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction, as well as providing a comprehensive Los Angeles condominium insurance policy, we offer top-rated insurance programs to cover your automobile, your home, your life and any other particular insurance or financial need you may have.

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